Wine Competitions NZ

Wine Competitions NZ is a blog about wine competitions – funny that!

Our priority is to bring you news about the Spiegelau International Wine Competition  and the Marlborough Wine Show as these are the two events that we run under our company, Wine Competition Ltd. We are privately owned, totally independent and totally passionate about the wine industry. And wine. Particularly Riesling. However, we intend to bring you news and views from lots of wine shows, competitions and events and we think will interest you.

So who are we? The directors of Wine Competition Ltd are Belinda Jackson and Margaret Cresswell. Belinda is a seasoned wino of some 25 years having started in the industry in Bordeaux during the mid-eighties. Her mission in life is to make sure wine is an enjoyable part of everyday life rather than just rolled out for high days and holidays!

Marg is a wonder when it comes to admin and organisation. A keen grower of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir at her Renwick property, Marg has her finger on the pulse of all things at all times – which is a good job as Belinda doesn’t. So while Belinda runs round doing all the warm, fuzzy stuff, Marg dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

In this pic from left to right, are Chief Steward and Wine Show Queen Shona White, Belinda Jackson and Marg Cresswell of Wine Competition Ltd and Chief Judge of the Spiegelau International Wine Competition, Mike DeGaris


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